Stellenbosch-based artist, Mona Haumann creates work of art inspired by her own experiences, memories and her fascination with colour and line. Her love of flowers and nature has a strong influence on her work, as portrayed through her use of bright colours and abstract prints.

Her creations are an inspired blend of design, illustration, fantasy, realism and fine art. Every work of art is unique. When Mona isn't painting, or thinking about painting, she loves being outdoors with her family, reading and indulging in delicious treats.

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All art forms have a unique way of speaking to the soul, while leaving some room for one to think. Mona has a love for poetry, and she often associates the way a poem can make your heart sing with how art can be interpreted and felt.

She encapsulates it beautifully: ‘’Like a poem, a painting sometimes has a rhythm to it. Eyes galloping through beats of colour and spots of joy’’.

Viridian Garden was inspired not only by Mona’s love of poetry, but by her love for flowers as well which often leads her to the same sensation…where pictures become art without words.



While walking through Nursery Ravine on Table Mountain, Mona came across some beautiful, old redwood trees. It made her think of ‘’Muir Woods in California with its soaring old-growth redwood trees’’.

A thought to ponder from Mona: ‘’perhaps those towering trees are the reason why when you take a walk through the woods, you come out feeling taller than the trees’’?


This artwork was inspired by our forefathers, Aristotle and Sir Isaac Newton and their connection to art through science and maths. Colour is at the center of everything we do, and it would be nearly impossible to imagine a world without it.

For Mona, colour is everything: ‘’It lights up my mood and makes me feel energised. I have often tried to use less colour but if sunlight or an idea enters my head it transforms into colour right away’’, she says. 


For this painting, Mona drew inspiration from Cape Town’s Skeleton Gorge, or as she calls it, the beautiful ‘’death-valley’’. Full of different colours, it is the epitome of organised and beautiful chaos. 

Mona adds that ‘’It may appear so ‘full and busy’ to the point where it’s overwhelming’’, but if you look closely, you will see the serenity amongst the busyness.