Poetry has teamed up with Pargo to make your online shopping experience even better.

Convenient parcel collection at your favourite store

Pargo created a large network of Pargo Parcel Points around South Africa for people on the go. The service allows you the flexibility to order your parcel for delivery to your favoritestore, and to collect at your own convenience. We will notify you when your parcel is ready for collection, and keep it safe in store for up to 8 days. We put the choice back in your hands.

Pargo was created for people on the go. We have set up a convenient Pargo parcel point network that lets you collect and return parcels at 1200 Pargo Parcel points throughout the country when it suits you best.

Pargo understands that you have a busy lifestyle, and waiting around all day for a courier to arrive can be frustrating. We have found that it can be challenging to deliver parcels to office blocks, living estates and outlying areas.

Pargo allows you to have your parcel delivered to a convenient local retail store, where you can collect your parcel when it suits you best.

The extensive Pargo network makes them the most consumer centric and broadest reaching Pickup Point network in South Africa. There will always be a Pargo Parcel Point around the corner from you, ensuring you can collect your parcel on the Go.

Get shopping now and know that your parcel will be waiting for you to collect when you're ready!

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