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About The Princess Project:

She’ll feel like a princess for a night… with a lifetime of memories.

The Princess Project aims to make a difference in the lives of young female matriculants - especially those that do not have the financial capacity to afford a dress for their matric farewells. They provide a platform for the public to either donate old dresses/gowns at drop-off points around the country or to sponsor the organisation, as a whole, with contributions towards the project.

As we know, many matric farewells have either been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, so the dresses and funds that are currently being collected will be used to help future matriculants, once schooling resumes as usual and things get back to relative ‘normality’.

All these girls want is to feel like a princess at their matric dances & The Princess Project has created an easy way to turn their dreams into a reality!

How Can You Support:

We’re giving you the opportunity to add a donation to your online purchase. When you get to your Shopping Cart, click on the “Make Donation” button to add R10 to your subtotal. All donations will go directly to The Princess Project. Your support means the world to them.