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Candice Thomas:

A Wife, Mother & Marketing Executive

“I have the great privilege of being the Marketing Executive at Cape Union Mart.” Candice speaks about her hopes for her children’s future: “As a mother, I’ve been given one of the greatest responsibilities: to raise a strong, confident daughter and a respectful son. The reality of living in today’s environment is that many of us live in fear and pray that we don’t end up being a mere statistic. For me, this is why celebrating women this month feels far more significant than any other prior year. My hope is that one day we will walk without fear, speak more freely, dress without caring and accept each other without judgement.”

Candice's Poetry Picks:

Cassan Ferguson:

A Mother, Drama Teacher & Poetry Woman

“I am a mom of two gorgeous boys and a have been teaching Drama for the past 15 years.” Cass celebrates Women’s Month by taking the time to reflect on the women of the past, present & future: “We should look back and appreciate the women who stood up and fought for equality & women’s rights. As we move to the present, we need to acknowledge the women around us – honouring, learning from & celebrating them. When we look ahead, we should encourage future female generations by creating a safe space for them to grow up in. A space where they feel truly empowered and inspired to dream their wildest dreams and pursue them fiercely.”

Cassan's Stunning Selects:

Yolanda Mehlala:

An In-Store Leader, Sister & Single Mother

“I work at the V&A Poetry branch as an assistant leader. I'm a mother, a sister and absolutely love cooking.” Yolanda talks to us about what it’s like being a woman in today’s times: “To me, Women’s Month means celebrating and empowering the courageous women in our society. We need to honour the women who fought and sacrificed so much so that the women of today could be heard. It is also very scary being a woman nowadays. As a mother, I find myself worrying about having to leave my child at home during Lockdown, while I come to work. However, I know I am stronger because of these challenges.”

Yolanda's Favourites: